Infotech Spectrum delivers comprehensive fully integrated creative IT solutions ranging from IT consulting services to advanced technology deployment and product development. We are a global service company that specializes in providing dynamic software solutions to a diverse array of business concerns worldwide. Since our inception, we have mastered the unlimited potential of information technology to ensure our global partners have the ability to manage their time and business more efficiently.

Our business model comprises both on-site and off-shore assets that when combined afford our clients the customized, low-risk cost-effective solutions in an increasingly competitive global business environment. Our strategic advantage is realized by our clients through our highly successful on-site and off-shore delivery model and its inherently superior capabilities. Our proprietary global delivery model is completely transparent, flexible, and seamless and offers extraordinary time and financial benefits when developing software applications and support.

We have developed a reputation for delivering superlative products and services, which have helped us grow in the extremely competitive global IT market place. By harnessing cutting edge technologies, systems and implementing critical solutions amongst a broad section of premier IT service providers our professionals differentiate themselves from our competitors. By remaining true to the principles our firm was founded upon, we strive to focus and improve upon our exceptional, client centric, cost-effective best-in-class IT consulting services.


Who we are

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Infotech Spectrum Inc is an information technology company founded in 2003. Infotech Spectrum's highly committed, experienced and multi-talented team of professionals work exhaustively from a project's inception to its successful completion to ensure you are completely satisfied with the outcome. We match your project' s specific requirements to the team best suited to successfully undertake the challenge. Our team understands the scope of your project from conception to implementation because of our advanced development process. We take great pains to monitor performance and time objectives to ensure on-time and quality project delivery.



"We at Infotech Spectrum endeavor to be your vested, strategic business partner working with you hand in hand, striving for your success by providing you with the most talented, knowledgeable and experienced professionals and solutions to satisfy all your IT staffing needs. Our goal is to complete your projects on time, within the allotted budget and to your complete satisfaction."
Infotech Spectrum measures the success of a project based upon YOUR satisfaction with our delivery. We evaluate your organizational needs, establish predetermined goals and adhere to a strict timeline to deliver outstanding solutions to complex problems on time. We have a vested interest in your success because that is the way we measure our success.



Rajiv Pendyala is the President and owner of Infotech Spectrum Inc. He has set the tone that reverberates in the company' s mission, corporate culture, success and growth.
Rajiv is an exceptionally skilled salesman with boundless creativity, extraordinary resources and expansive network which enhance his ability to find the perfect professional candidate for the project at hand. He also an experienced recruiter with years of expertise in many areas of the IT industry. His years of experience, integrity and vast network are enormous assets to anyone seeking exceptional IT support. Rajiv has the diverse background in both business and technology to source the best talent for your project.

Prior to founding Infotech Spectrum, Rajiv held key sales and marketing positions with Infosynergy, Intersoft Corporation and Everest consulting. He also won the prestigious “Recruiter of the Year” in 1996 and 1997. Rajiv holds an MBA in International Business from The University of Oklahoma. Prior to receiving his MBA Rajiv worked in the International Trade and Operations Division for a large Belgium based shipping company with operations in India.



Serving the Industry One Client at a Time:
At Infotech Spectrum Inc., our combined years of industry experience have enabled us to fully understand how technology, when properly deployed, enhances business processes and efficiency. The breadth and scope of our firm' s experience has placed our talented consultants with some of the finest clientele in the global IT marketplace. At Infotech Spectrum Inc., we never lose sight of the fact that our consultants are our greatest resource and ultimately deliver what the client needs.

The Following is a Partial List of Our Clients:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Sonata Corporation
  • Applied Materials
  • Etouch Systems
  • Iris Logic
  • Wipro Systems
  • EPRI
  • Citi Group
  • D2D technologies
  • I&J Solutions
  • HCL America
  • Meru Networks



"We endeavor to work enthusiastically and continue to grow by exceeding the most challenging benchmarks. We sustain continuous profitability and strive to improve upon our reputation of unparalleled excellence."

We at Infotech Spectrum firmly believe that our corporate philosophy is reflected in our actions, business conduct and the way we partner with our clients. We are fully vested in the success of our clients and seek to improve upon our core values, which are:

  1. Focusing on achieving our client' s goals.
  2. Innovative solutions to complex problems and areas of opportunity.
  3. Maintaining strict ethical standards that govern our corporate conduct.

By creating a strong ethical environment, our talented global team of professionals is an asset to our valued business partners. Conducting business in a mutually beneficial environment created in an atmosphere of trust and respect is a key component to developing a symbiotic relationship that will produce optimum results for both parties. This standard of business practice is, what we strive to achieve with each business partner at Infotech Spectrum Inc.

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