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Certified Full Stack .Net Developer Available For Immediate Placement - FL, NJ, PA, CO, MD & TX

Millennium Info Tech Inc

Dear All 
Find enclosed the professional summary of Murari Krishnamurthy (Certified Full Stack .Net Developer) available for immediate placement. Kindly let us know if you have any suitable positions. 

Murari Krishnamurthy

Certified Full Stack .Net Developer

Only FL, NJ, PA, CO, MD and TX Locations

Professional Summary

  •          I am Full-Stack Developer with 12 Years of experience in design, development, testing, creating GUI application, architecture design analysis, maintenance and Support and providing fixes and solutions for Web based and Client Server Applications.

    ·         Experience in creating middleware libraries using C#.

    ·         Created WCF service to interact with database and return data in JSON format.

    ·         Created WCF services and enabling message authentication.

    ·         Worked on WCF services to transmit data in MTOM format.

    ·         Worked on creating clients to consume external webservices by passing basic authentication.

    ·         Creating Custom Controls that interacts with WCF service through jQuery to load data in web applications.

    ·         Developed application using Kendo UI and used UI tools such as Datagrids and other filter tools such as text boxes and dropdown boxes.

    ·         Written jQuery scripts to read the action controllers methods and retrieve data to View Pages.

    ·         Written JavaScript function for user input validation.

    ·         Implemented MVC Architecture in application design.

    ·         Experience in using Entity Framework in MVC.

    ·         Experience in creating ER diagrams for database modeling.

    ·         Integrated Web Application Single-Sign on with OAM.

    ·         Experience in using ReSharper to factorize and format the code.

    ·         Work Experience in using .net optimizing tools for validating performance of the application.

    ·         Proficient work experience in using .NET technologies such as C#, VB.NET, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, Ajax

    ·         Experience in working with IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio 2008\2013

    ·         Worked with .Net Framework 1.1,2.0,3.5,4.5

    ·         Experience in creating Windows Form, Web Forms, User Controls, Custom controls and Deployment of the Project.

    ·         Knowledge in using Erwin for database remodeling and designing

    ·         Extensive knowledge and experience in developing applications using Object Oriented Programming Concepts

    ·         Expertise in Visual Basic, ASP, SqlServer, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, XML, DTD, XSLT, CSS, IIS, MTS

    ·         Experience in creating XML Parsers using XML Dom Documents

    ·         Expertise in data accessing using ADO.NET using Stored Procedures and queries from Oracle and SQL Server

    ·         Expertise in using data controls like Grid view, Details view and Form view.

    ·         Experience in developing Repeater, DataGrid for Editing/Paging purpose

    ·         Having Work experience in adding Styles sheets, Master Pages to the web-pages.

    ·         Hands on experience in creating Functions, Triggers, Complex SQL procedures in SQL Server 2000/2005

    ·         Extensive knowledge on developing COM using Visual Basic and deploying them using MTS

    ·         Experience in implementing web-based applications using a multi-tier architecture.

    ·         Strong application development background, strong experience and knowledge of Software Development life cycle development (SDLC).

    ·         In addition to excellent technical abilities possesses strong oral and written communications skills, analytical and interpersonal skills.

    ·         Work Experience in Developing Applications in Java 2.0, JSP, C, Perl and ColdFusion 4.5

    ·         Worked in domains such as HR, Education, Transportation & ERP Solutions

    ·         Work Experience in Integrating Third Party Components for Credit Card Processing

    ·         Knowledge in Agile Methodology approach.

    ·         Used SVN source control for maintaining version control of the code.

    ·         Knowledge in usage of Angular JS Services

    ·         Knowledge in usage of Microservice.

    ·         Knowledge in WebApi

    ·         Good team spirit and organized working habits with a willingness to learn new concepts in a short period of time.

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems

Windows XP, WIN NT 4.0, Windows 2000, ’95 /’98/Vista/2003, UNIX, VMS


Oracle 9i/10G/11G MS Access, SQL Server 2000/200, RDB


C, C++, Java, C#

Internet Programming



Visual Basic 6.0

Application Server


Web server

Tomcat Server, IIS, weblogic server, websphere 5.0

Other Tools

Visual Source Safe, Crystal Reports 6.0, Data Reports 6.0, Visio 2000, MSProject



  • Brain Bench certified in ASP.Net
  • Certified in PeopleSoft People Tools
  • Certified Scrum Master

Thanks and Regards


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Email: sundar@mitiweb.com

URL: www.mitiweb.com

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