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DevOps Engineer | Minneapolis MN 55402 Contract

DevOps Engineer  | Minneapolis MN 55402



Job Description :

- Implement and adopt best practices on DevSecOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Testing (Both for server side and client side)
- Design NextGen application strategy using Cloud-native architectures
- Build scalable, efficient Cloud, and on premise infrastructure
- Implement monitoring for automated system health checks
- Build CI/CD pipelines, train and guide teams on DevSecOps best practices
- Work with engineers to drive issues to resolution during application instability
- Maintain and Implement change management control procedures and processes for UAT/QA and production releases
- Implement test automation(ui/api) Integration with CI/CD for extensive test coverage and enable metrics collection
- Work with multiple/distributed teams following Agile practices


Skills required: - Strong code/scripting skills for IaaS automation - Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems - Configuration Management tools such as Ansible, Terraform - Containerization tools such as Vagrant, Kubernetes, Docker - Container orchestration tools like Marathon, Kubernetes, EKS or ECS etc., - Cloud/IaaS environment like AWS/GCP - Monitoring/Alerting tools such as Sumologic, Cloud Watch, Prometheus - SCM tools like BitBucket/Git and any productivity plugins - Code Quality tools like SonarQube/Blackduck/Veracode - Test and build systems such as Jenkins, Maven, JFrog/Nexus Artifactory - Understanding of network topologies and hardware - Knowledge of load balancers(F5,ngnix) and firewalls Additional skills: - CNCF experience with GitOps principles - Package and deploy(CI/CD) single page apps following best practices - Knowledge of CDNs



Note:In case if I miss your call please drop me an email,

Thanks and Regards,

Ryan Harris

Sr. Technical Recruiter


(MBE Certified)



www.waynsys.com (eVerified)


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