Need - Mainframe Production Control - Anchor, IL ? Day 1 Onsite

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Role : Mainframe Production Control
Location : Anchor, IL ( Day 1 onsite )
EXP : 10+
Job Description :
• Monitoring the Console for the outstanding messages, SMF Dumps, Tape related Issues, Buffer Shortage, and Spool Maintenance, Initiator issues, contention, Console connectivity and other issues.
• Monitoring the jobs in mainframe console based on daily guidelines.
• Monitoring the Spool Volume at regular intervals.
• Monitoring CPC capacity in RMF.
• Pausing batch jobs to avoid 100% spool utilization.
• Taking dump and recycling the Online regions and Started Tasks.
• Changing the service class, priority of jobs based on request.
• Start/Stop the started tasks (ST) through SSM as per request.
• Working with MVS, JES commands.
• Ability to investigate job sysouts.
• Cancelling jobs, Online regions & TSO Users through Console.
• Varying the tape drives online/offline.
• To Monitor Mainframe Console for System/Application Critical Messages and Provide the fix as per procedures and/or escalate to the System/Application Owner.
• Follow the escalation process to notifying the Engineering Team for Regions/Started Task abends and other issues by creating /assigning the Incident ticket to the appropriate team/groups.
• Ensure the System and Regions/Tasks availability On-time after Maintenance.
• Participate in Conference calls / Bridge calls for priority issue.
• IPL | Shutdown/Startup of LPARS as per schedule and Monitoring using Console and HMC.
• RMF | Monitoring CPU Usage of the boxes.
• IMS | Starting and Stopping databases, Refreshing messages in IMS regions.
• CICS | Recycling CICS regions, Enabling and Disabling transactions, Purging/Killing transactions, Performing new copy request
• Printers | Fixing printer issues, reactivating JES2/VTAM printers
• Spool Management |Monitoring the spool volumes at regular intervals, Monitoring input queues, Escalation to application teams.
• DR (disaster Recovery).
• Monitoring production batch jobs through Scheduling Tool in Mainframe.
• Monitoring Daily & Weekly Batch Cycles for completion.
• Coordinating and managing application restarts via JCL changes or restart procedures as per document.
• Debugging JCL Errors, Space issues & Fixing job abends/failures in Production System.
• Initiate and coordinate with Production Scheduling team on nightly batch schedules.
• Interfacing with application teams for adhoc requests (i.e. restarts, reruns, demand schedules/triggers , Holds , Cancel , Adding Conditions) via Scheduling tool.
• Analyzing Late Jobs, Long running jobs and looping jobs.
• Queue Monitoring, Health Check.
• Modifying and executing the JCL temporarily from override library.
• Performing Adhoc Scheduling Request.
• Maintaining SLA with Incidents, changes and Service requests as agreed with customer
• Create incident reports for job abnormalities consistent the Incident Management Process. Produce daily batch production report summary. Produce monthly metrics on batch job executions, abend rates, etc.
• Add/Delete/Update Jobs using Scheduling Tool
• Documenting batch requirements from application clients
• Provide Primary Support for Scheduling activities on Control-M
• Maintain and review batch job schedule as per user requirements.
• Integrate Batch Deployment process with new/upgraded tool.
• Updating and creating Scheduling calendars as per user requirements.
• Create and Maintain Event Triggers.
• Update new day Process jobs when new schedules are created.
• Participate in DR Activities and provide Batch changes as per Customer requirements for DR.
• Provide 24*7 on-call support.
• Document Process and procedures and update periodically.
• Represent the Scheduling team during Weekly, CAB, DR and Time change activity calls.
• Handle Transition Calls and Migration project calls
• Handle Customer Audits on a Quarterly Basis
• Provide Support for validations during Product Upgrades and Patches.
• Provide Permanent Solution to incidents occurring regularly and help in Problem Determining.
• Conduct RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of major impacting service incidents
• Participate in major incident management providing operations continuity, status updates, and client communications