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Nishant Kumar,
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Design Verification Engineering Services
● Testbench development – System Verilog (“SV”) & Universal Methodology (“UVM”), (Candidate should be filmier with Python, and C tests)
● Integration/development of C tests/Application Programming Interface (“APIs”) and software build flow
● Integration of UVM testbenches
● Test development and debug, including without limitation tests for functionality, power, performance, error, and connectivity, both
for RTL and Gate Level Netlist Design Under Test, tests for functional and code coverage improvements
● Continuous integration and/or regression testing setup and debug for simulation at both RTL and Gate Level Netlist
● Unified Power Format (“UPF”) power aware simulation/emulation
● XProp simulation/regression TestBench creation and maintenance
● Coverage collection and closure
● Documentation of tests, testbench, use-cases, exclusions, and status
● Code and engineering collaterals (including test benches source code, test sequences, coverage groups definitions,, test
cases, documentation, KPIs reports, regression set up and scripting for entire verification flow both at RTL and Gate Level Netlist)
for Meta SoCs and IPs
● Design Verification Engineering collaterals as described in Section
● Monthly Project Review and Deliverables Update Report
● Automated Dashboard built in Unidash to support efficient silicon project management and engineering when supported by
MPT's lead in its implementation and usage
Key Metrics:
● Test Plan execution timeline
● Functional Coverage at 100%, Code Coverage at 100% or above 95% with waiver list fully validated
● Number and Age of open bugs in test benches
● Number and Age of open bugs reported
● Task Target Vs Actual Close (Performance to Completion Status)
● Team value metric (to be reported/discussed during monthly meeting)
Key Metric Considerations:
● Service Provider will be notified of ancillary tasks assigned to Service Provider for completion.
● Tasks will be completed in accordance with Meta's prioritization; however, Service Provider will not be responsible for delays
in task completion due to non-logged ancillary tasks.
Thanks & Regards,
Nishant Kumar Sharma
IDC Technologies Inc.
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