Salesforce Developer

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Minimum Requirements:
1. Actual live coding proficiency – this is 100% hands-on and coding role where the candidate is expected to rapidly produce high quality code
2. Strong LWC development and Apex development with at least intermediate level apex and javascript. Advanced apex and javascript preferred
3. Html/CSS/API and some prior front-end dev experience with react/angular etc
4. Broad understanding of all things salesforce
5. data modeling in salesforce and generally being data savvy with strong sql, soql, Saql etc
6. Commute to the ny office not too onerous and being ok with 3-4 days in person. Much longer commute could mean 3-4 days may be challenging
7. Bonus points for:
a. deep experience with experience cloud,
b. mobile publisher/mobile apps
c. prior experience as a non salesforce full stack/ backend dev
d. knowledge and experience with other salesforce tech – e.g. Einstein , cpq, pardot etc
e. experience on some innovative tech – e.g. salesforce genie, next best action
f. integration with multi-cloud/ 3rd party apps and services
Education and Required Experience :
• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Business, or a related field
• 7+ years of experience in a hands-on technical leadership position